What is Diabetes Care Club?

  • We are offering a premier care service, for patients actively receiving ALL medications from Belew Drug Family of Pharmacies.
  • We will supply free diabetic meter, diabetic test strips, and lancets.

What does the program include?

  • One-time free diabetes testing meter each year
  • 50 free test strips per month for non-insulin dependent patients
  • 100 free test strips per month for insulin dependent patients
  • 50 Extra test strips can be purchased if needed.
  • 100 free lancets per month for all diabetics
  • Coupons & Discounts only available to customer enrolled in Diabetes Care Club

What do I have to do?

  • If you are not already an active patient, have all of your prescriptions transferred to Belew Drug and all future prescriptions should be filled with Belew Drug as well.
  • You must pay a one-time annual program fee of $25.00
  • You must attend our monthly educational “Diabetes Sweet Spot” classes once every 3 months.

Get signed up today!

Get up to 100 FREE lancets and test strips each month*

All members get a FREE meter once a year and 100 FREE lancets per month.

Insulin dependent: 100 test strips per month FREE.

Non-insulin dependent: 50 test strips per month FREE.

Membership is just $25/year!

Save up to $1500 on supplies every year!!

Members can purchase additional supplies if needed at a discounted rate.

Diabetes Education Classes-The Sweet Spot are held monthly for FREE.